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    Map of Serpenterra Empty Map of Serpenterra

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    The world of Serpenterra
    Below is the main map of Serpenterra. Click on any of the maps for the full-size image of it (recommended). Each island will be briefly explained beside it's photo.

    Eaglehead is best known for having such a large variety of land types on one island. This is the reason that the humans who have an affinity for earth, the Earth Nation, live here. It was these peoples that named the Island, for it had the shape of an Eagel's head.

    East Beach~ Soft sands, and a gorgeous view, East Beach is a lovely person for any dragon or human. Looking out over the horizon, you can almost see the cliff's of Dryfoot from here.

    Eagelehead Forest~Eaglehead forest is dense, and with it's circular shape, anywhere you go can look the same as the next. The forest is known for being filled with mostly pine trees, due to the fact that Eagelhead is located in the northern region of Serpenterra.

    Eyecross Canyon~ Eyecross Canyon is one of the most ideal places for a dragon. With it's large mountain surrounding a large clearing, many dragons like to come here (if it is unclaimed territory) to avoid human interaction.

    Dropping Cliffs~ At Eagleheads most western side, there are large cliffs that drop straight off into the Sword Point sea. A dangerous place, but it takes up almost half of the Earth Nation.


    Dryfoot is one of the harshest islands in Serpenterra. Covered in desert, and the shore being cliffs, it is one dangerous place. Being that dangerous place, you can often find Furies resting in the Wastelands, and the Fire Nation located in the south.

    Wastelands~ Covering most of Dryfoot are the wastelands. Running straught through the wastelands is the Silence River considered sacred by the peoples of Dryfoot, since it seems to be the source of abundance and life.

    Dryfoot forest~ There is small forest on Dryfoot, shockingly enough. It is small, but it does harbor some life, but not much. This is usually where the Fire nation goes to hunt for their food.

    Fire Nation~ Located at the southern tip of Dryfoot lay the Fire Nation. As you probably guessed, the humans who have an affinity for fire live here. A dangerous location for dangerous people.


    Swordpoint island was named specifically for what it looks like... a sword. Being the next largest island next to Celestial Island, it is inhabited by a many of creatures. Running through it are a few streams, and there is even a lake on it, too. Because of a little island inon the coast along with it, this is where the water nation lives.

    Swordpoint Forest~ Swordpoint forest is large, covering much of the island. It is dense, it's forest being most like that of a multiple types of trees. Here many fruits grow, as well as herbs, but of course not like that in the Eaglehead forest!

    Swordpoint Beach~ Swordpoint beach is simple and small. It's located at the southern tip of Swordpoint. From the beach, one can go directily to Swordpoint forest.

    Swordpoint Lake~ Swordpoint lake is a place that Nymph's adore. Having a nice little shore around it, and flat land all around, it's an ideal place for play. The water varies from being short to deep quickly, making it still be a dangerous place.

    Water Nation~ The water nation is located just off of the coast of of Swordpoint, surrounded by water. Even within it's own little island, there is a little river.

    Forbidden Isle

    The forbidden isle is probably one of the most simplest of placs. Containing only a beach and then a volcano. Well, despite it being hailed "simple" it does have the only volcano on Serpenterra, making it the only island that humans don't dare to go to or live on.

    Forbidden Beach~ The forbidden beach is like any other beach, except for it is littered by volcanic ash and rocks.

    Forbidden Volcano~ Reaching high into the sky, and errupting often, the forbidden volcano can be a frightening place for humans and dragons alike. When it errupts it can have dense clouds surrounding the island, making it difficult for dragons to see while in flight, or hard for humans to see in order to try to escape it's disasterous eruption.

    Celestial Island

    Celestial island is one of the largest islands on Serpenterra, located in the southern most region. At the tip of Celestial island, you can almost get to Swordpoint island, some believing that the two were connected at this location at one point in time. With the entire island being a high altitude, this is the reason that humans with an affinity for air live here.

    Air Nation~ Located at the western tip of Celestial Island lives the Air nation. Mostly living on flat land, the Air people still live here for the reasoning that Celestial Island is a highly raised up island. Having on stream go through their area, they usually live around it.

    Celestial Mountains~ A very diverse place, it is usually a place for competition among dragons for territory. On a high mountaintop, in the center at the top is a large stream. Within that a small line of forest, and then finally flat land. An ideal place.

    Celestial Marshlands~ The Celestial Marshlands are known to be hot, sticky, and always muddy. Not many like it here, but sometimes it is a place for entertainment.

    Celestial Forest~ The Celestial Forest can be explained to be most like a jungle. It is hot, and quite humid. With this, there are exotic and tropic fruits and plants that you wouldn't see anywhere else.

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