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    Aizel Vishous; Dragon Empty Aizel Vishous; Dragon

    Post by DELANEY on Mon Jul 09, 2012 2:59 am

    Character Name: Aizel Vishous
    Character Age:152
    Character Gender: Male
    Character Species: Nox
    Character Power: Shadows, Fire, Human Form
    Character Clan (dragons): Umbra
    *Character Personality: Aizel is as dark as a Nox dragon can get. Or as close if he isn't. He has a fiery temper that is easily provoked, a thing which is better avoided since he can become very aggressive. He is territorial when it comes to, obviously, territory and his clan. He is passionate like his fire, yet occasionally cruel and dark like his shadows. He goes with his emotions as they come, though if he's consistent with anything it's his stubbornness and refusal to give in to anyone, or anything. He is Clan leader and remains as such, as there has never been anyone stronger than him to take claim, not that he'd ever allow anyone to dominate him. He usually remains with his Clan, preferring dragons to humans, though out of simple curiosity he'll venture to human lands in his human form to see if anything has changed in the past years.
    *Character Appearance:He is a large black dragon, with a head that appears more snake like in shape. On each side of his head he has three horns, starting from the side and moving up, small to medium, to large, the largest actually being his ears. His head is followed by a medium neck(a little larger than a person in length), spikes running from the top of his head, right after his red eyes, small at first before growing larger as they run down his neck. The spikes stop for a few feet at the junction of his neck and armored body, before continuing down his spine, in between his large wings; he has a 60ft wingspan. The spikes grow shorter again as they reach the tail, 15ft in length, and break off into two lines where they stop completely after a few feet. His underbelly is a light tone of black, appearing more like armor than scales. His arms and legs are as pitch black as the rest of his body, shorter than his neck by a few inches, they claws sharp, long and deadly at the end of them. On his arms right on the elbow there are three spikes, midnight blue in color, that come and go like the rest of the midnight blue marks that cover his body in the form of long stripes along his tail, arms, legs, wings and even on the horns on his head. The markings are actually his shadows that take on a different color when on his body, but return to black when he uses them as they come off.
    In his human appearance he is 5'11, with black hair that always has a tousled look, like he just got out of bed. His eyes take on a stormy blue grey color, though when his emotions are strong they become their true deep red again. He has broad shoulders with subtly muscular arms that actually mask his real strength. Most call a striking, handsome human, and dragon.

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