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    Deep within the Celestial Mountains lay the Lux Clan. Powerful and strong, they are who they are, and take nothing from none. They are known to be one of the dominating Clans, but all in all they are peaceful. They have a simple belief in a goddess, Lilith, who created everything. Their belief is that she created Serpeneterra and it's land, hoping to make everything as good as it should be. Their deepest goal is to have the blessing of Lilith.

    Females: 1 | Males: O

    LEADER :: Geal Nathair | TASK :: Lead...

    Current Events / Tasks

    Lux Clan Rank Explanation
    LEADER :: The one who rules over the Clan, and is the most trusted. Is usually the assistant in rituals.
    SHAMAN :: The one who is best knowledged in the herbs of the earth. Leads the rituals.
    GUARIDANS :: The highest that normal members can get into the clan. They are known for working along the Hunters, usually leading their patrols.
    HUNTERS :: The ones who try to seek out the best places for the Clan to eat or hunt. Also find loner dragons looking for a home.
    PROBATION :: New members waiting to be accepted into the clan officially.
    LOWERS :: The lowest in the clan.

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