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    Geal Nathair; Dragon

    Geal Nathair; Dragon Empty Geal Nathair; Dragon

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    Character Name: Geal Nathair
    Character Age: 150
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Species: Dragon ~ Caelum
    Character Power: She has a control over the bindings of "light", able to make it even a physical attribute. Like any other dragon, she is able to speak with others via mind.
    *Character Personality: Geal is a simple sort, not really bothering others with any of her problems. She is one to solve things on her own, and get the job done as she needs. She has been known to be the type to grow angry easy, but this is simply for the reasoning that she is simply strong in her beliefs. Being as simple as she is, if you offend her, she isn't going to be one that is afraid to speak about it. She is someone that's hard to get along with at first, but if she finally decides to let you in, then she can become sweet, oddly enough. Those that she is close with, she will defend without a second thought, using her quick tongue for them. Being who she is, she somehow has good qualities for being a leader, which is the reason why she is the leader of Lux Clan, which she defends with her entire heart.
    *Character Appearance: Geal is a white dragon, something common among her rare breed. She is small, but then again she is female, too. Her head is more of a triangular shape, two spikes coming on on the back side near her jaw. Smaller spikes cover the back of her head, which is where her hidden ears are located. At the back of her head, going down her spine are smaller spikes, but once they reach around the base of her neck, they then stop, the spots along her spine then becoming bumps. She has long legs, and where her legs becomes her feet, long claws extend off of them. Sharp and dangerous to the touch. She has large, leathery wings, that are about two times her size, each wing. With her scales, they are almost reflective, when touched by the light they seem to reflect a hue of many colors. When not in the light, her scales can appear to be a simple lilac in color.

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