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    Umbra lives on the Forbidden Isle alone, constantly facing the dangers of the volcano, which they've grown accustomed to and don't fear anymore. For food and water they go to Eaglehead and Celestial Island, depending on which place they prefer a certain time of day. They are a hot tempered, dangerous group, the complete opposite of the Lux. They believe in the god, Draven, who created the race of dragons. He is a cruel and dark god, and created the most primal instincts that lay within a dragon, and believes peace is a myth as is free will. Their goal is to make Draven proud.

    Leader :: Aizel Vishous | Task :: Lead

    LEADER ::Leads the Clan and is the most dominant and strongest. No one questions the leader, unless willing to duel him.
    FIGHTERS :: Lead the patrols, everyone in the Clan must reach this rank if they wish to remain in the Clan.
    HUNTERS :: They are the best in the Clan and choose where they'll be going that day for food. They are also the ones that scout out new members of the clan and make sure they worthy of the clan.
    PROBATION: New members waiting to be accepted officially.

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