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    Thread may no longer be a threat, but war has ravaged Pern. Inter-fighting between Weyrs have left Pern in shambles. Only Telgar, Fort, and Benden remain standing.
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    Due to the drastically decreased dragon population, inbreeding has caused mutations to appear on the sands. These mutations have been met with scorn and disgust. Several clutch mothers have taken to attacking them as they hatch, seeing these strange colors as ‘tainted’. Those who bond with mutation dragons are often run out of their Weyrs as soon as their dragon is able to fend for themselves.
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    These outcasts, however, did not go quietly. Taking refuge in the ruins of High Reaches, these rebels have banded together to be one, and have been fighting back against the Weyrs. But the Weyrs know where they are hiding, and neither side is safe from raiding. The threat of attack always hangs heavy over both sides - one trying to maintain power, the other scrapping by to survive.
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    Welcome to the High Ruins.
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    We still survive! Come in and join us


    What we offer:
    -Member driven plots
    -Variety of non-canon and canon colors
    -Unique Hierarchy
    -Friendly atmosphere
    -Five types of canine
    -New non canon creatures
    -Helpful staff and members

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