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    Dragon Breeds & Human Powers Empty Dragon Breeds & Human Powers

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    These are the only breeds that we have on the site. All breeds were created by the staff or members, and the ideas belong to the staff and members.

    Carnivores have the most strength, while herbivores have the least, and the ommnivores are in the middle. Where dragons lack in strength, they pick up in other areas, as you will see below.
    Some breeds will be limited to only certain members who have aquired a dragon in that breed via a canon audition, or has the ability to buy it with points, or has been invited to be able to use that breed.
    All dragons can breath fire, but only some can actually manipulate it.



    Nox's are one of the strongest and most powerful dragons there are, right next to Caelum's. Along with Caelum's, a lot of clan Leaders are Nox's. These dragons have the strongest ability over shadows, which are best used for dark deeds. While being carnivores, these dragons someties gain the ability to be able to shift into a human. Furthermore, to further show their carniverous apetite, they sometimes simply feed on the blood of other creatures. They aren't as fast as herbivores, but that doesn't mean they aren't easily cloaked in their shadows.
    Common coloring: black, dark purples and blues. Common powers: fire, shadows.

    Invitation-only breed.



    Caelum's are strong dragons, despite being herbivores. With their large size, and ideal diet, they strive to be better than their rival breed, Nox's. With their name meaning "heaven", you could have guessed that they are the more powerful ones when it comes to light. These dragons usually beleive in saving life, and using it to it's fullest. Because they are peaceful creatures, they are usually laid back, and easy loving

    Common coloring: white, lilacs, baby blues. Common powers:water, light.

    Invitation-only breed.



    Fury's are fast. Very fast. They eat both meat and herbs, not really caring for which, just whatever is the nearest. These dragons are known to be short tempered, and to spew off steam...literally. These dragons usually live in hotter climates, which would range in areas to the South.

    Common coloring: oranges, reds, yellows ~ "warm" colors. Common powers:fire, light.



    Nymph's avoid conflict, but they will very quickly fight if they need to. Though they prefer meat, they eat a lot of herbs since they live in wet areas. Despite being what they are, they love the feeling of water on their scales. Sometimes nymph's are known for being dimwitted, but at the same time some of them can be very wise. They live in either cold climates, or warm climates, but not usually in between. Some have been seen to be able to manipulate wind a bit, since it is a bit more difficult to "fly" out of water.

    Common coloring: Silver, and different hues of blue. Common powers:water, wind, ice.



    Very thin species, and is known to be quite agile. Despite this, they become weak very easily, so they are good with cloaking themselves in the earth. They do not fly as much as other dragons, so they must work with the resources of the land. Since they must uses the resources of the land to protect themselves, they stick to a carniverous diet. Not only because of this, but also because they need to eat meat in order to build up their thin muscles as much as possible.

    common colors: browns, dark greens. common powers:earth,shadows.



    Barak's are extremely fast, giving even Furies competition. As quick as they are in speed, they are the same with their emotions. Quick to anger and get over it. Yet they are as unpredictible as the weather. They stick to high altitude places known for stormy weather, not really caring if it's warm or cold. They love to remain in the sky and swoop down to take their prey.

    Common Coloring:Different hues of grey, white. Common Powers:Electricity,Wind


    From the depths of the underground the U-Bahn take their hold of land. Their scales have turned darker than black from their experience in the Shatten Garten, or underworld. With the lack of strength they have to see in the day, their eyes contain a protective covering to provide a heat detecting tool that helps them during the night and other weather conditions too harsh for their non-pupil eyes. U-Bahn are generally smaller in body mass, and, although carrying wings, unable to fly. Instead, they use their quick speed and gliding tactics to travel along the underground. They are a rare breed of dragon that has hidden the entrances to their habitat to surface dwellers. These creatures, depending on where they have grown up, can either be herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores.

    Common coloring: Darker than black Common Powers: Poison, Acid, Toxic gases

    Ales Armayan


    Ales Armayan's are commonly known as "Wyverns".Derived from the words "Ales Arma", which in Latin translates to "Winged arms". Unlike most dragons, whom stands on two pairs of limbs, this breed stands and only has 2 legs(hind legs to be exact) and a pair of bat like wings. They have many thin, small, and isosceles triangular-shaped teeth.
    Their color greatly depends on where they were born on. Their colors don't depend by in heritage, but by their environment. If one was born where there's a storm was happening and/or yellow lightning was struck at least a couple of times, you will be born with yellow and/or black hues. Their eyes are different as well. For example: If your character's shaded in warm colors(Yellow, Red, orange, or brown), then your eyes would be in cold colors(green, blue, violet/purple, or indigo).
    Living among the skies, they are associated with the weather. Being able manipulate the weather, but they can only manipulate some certain weathering depending on what the weather was when it was born. For example: If you where born on a very hot day, you would gain the ability to use the energy of the sun.They live most of their lives among the skies, resting on either the clouds or in mountain caves(Yes, all Ales can walk on clouds). They usually stay in the areas where they were born, or at least come back from their travels. Wyverns are very territorial creatures, they usually will not bother to hesitate an attack when their home or place of rest has been intruded. Omnivore, for they could either eat fliers of the sky(namely birds) or the plants below, mostly on plants to keep a light weight. They range from 4 to 8 feet tall, weighing around less than 40kg(commonly around 22kg).

    Common Colors: Yellow, blue, and white. Common Powers: Control over the Clouds, wind, or heat.

    Mare Serpens


    Commonly known as Aqua Skalesterra. This breed derived from the nymph breed, but their "similarities" begs the differ. "Mare Serpens" is the Latin words for "Sea Serpents", for obvious reasons of course. Unlike most dragons, they don't have wings, they have a snake like body, fins, no outer ears, and special organs that helps them breath on both land and water. They still have inner ears, making them able to hear both under water and on land, except you'd be surprised to find out that the normal nose hole of dragon's snout IS in fact the inner ears. Their body is covered in dense fur that traps a layer of insulating air to keep the animal warm. The fur is waterproof, and the texture is akin to that of a mole. Their color ain't no biggy neither, they just have the most common colors of the sea, which are the following: Blue, Green, Turquoise, red, black, and yellow( All in order from most common to rarest). Yes, "Red, Black and Yellow? What kind of sea has those colors?". I don't know! I just thought of the Red Sea & the Black Sea that's in the Middle East, and the Yellow Sea that's next to S. Korea. Another trait about their color is their eyes' whites are instead black.

    Their powers are just as unique as their physical body parts. They have the ability to shape-shift into any animal. But When they are weak beginners, they must use simple transformations(meaning: beginners can only turn into animals that are closest to their body structure. You must gain high magic ability to be enabled to transform into animals that are far similar from it's body structure). But they also have the power to manipulate water and/or wind, much like their distant cousins, the Nymphs.
    They prefer to live under water, seeing that they have more advantage under water than on land. Preferably warm water with more oxygen. Making them a rare sight nowadays, for humans that is. They are as large and heavy as whale sharks, but a lot longer than one. Omnivores, but they mostly eat meat, and seldom sea plants. These Skalesterras usually live in groups.

    Common Colors: Blue, Green, Black Common Powers: Water, Wind, Shapeshift.



    These dragons are more serpentine than the rest of the dragons here. They rarely have any limbs, even rarer to have wings. and has a hood like a cobra. They have multiple heads, the number of heads depend upon their rank. They are more closer to being in the reptile category than the mammals. And for adds(Like totally out of the myth descriptions), They can have horns/fangs and multiple eyes. Being a herbivore, they aren't very strong neither. That's why they use the power of deceiving to get what they so please. Physically, of course, they're poisonous. Some might even be able to shoot poisonous darts at their opponent, not to mention their poisonous fangs of course. But most have telekinesis, meaning they can move any object with the power of their mind. Which is very much needed since most dragons of this breed has no arms nor wings. Some might even have the ability to read minds. Most Nogos are very deceiving and manipulating, so mind reading gives them

    Nogos aren't the usual dragon breeds you'd find or see, so it's rather puzzling to determine their color are since they're nocturnal. But they often have menacing colors that could scare you by surprise. So Moldy & Dark Green, Blood Red, and Piercing Violet colors are common to their kind. Cold colors( such as blue, green, or violet) are much more harder to find/see during the night. Nogos prefer living in dark, cold forests, where it's vast in food supplies(meaning: many plants to consume). They are nocturnal, and so more active during the night. Some are only active during dawn and dusk. If you estimate their height, it would be atleast two feet higher than a six foot tall human; But estimating their length is a challenge. Their weight are just as unpredictable as their length. Most have no wings, so they must be rather heavy.

    Common Colors: Dark or bright green, red, and/or violet Common Powers: telekinesis, and poison



    Commonly known as Qilin and/or Sandwriters. “Harenahomo” literally means “sandman”. In the fire tribes, every human who was ever a kid at least thought that the sandman was this particular dragon. Fearing him every night, knowing that it's a carnivore. Giving him this title. Of course, it's not true. They were very soon called sandwriters, for they seem to control desert itself. Unusual in image too. Having more than four legs, only 2 pairs are hoofed; They have no wings since they have no need of it, cause they don't travel by flying but by teleportation through sand; Speaking of sand, when you find a sandwriter is when they found to you. It may seem like everlasting dripping of sand on that creature's body, as if producing it; Like a Qilin in the myths, they have a horn on the middle of their forehead(used for offence). Along with two pairs of unusual-shaped horns, used to protect his head; Desert grounds are very hot, that is why they were gifted with two-digit hooves to be able to stand on the burning floor. Although only 4 legs are hoofed, the rest of his extra legs aren't; Yes, they have extra legs, never only four. Some maybe used as it's hands; Another character trait's for defense/offense, is the tail. It's very long and thick, of course, but spikes points out ward at the tip. Enabling them to shoot darts at the target; Now the last and foremost, you'd noticed that their bones are very much visible. Looking very crippled in appearance, but they're actually in prefect condition actually. Seeing a none crippled-looking Sandwriter means they're in bad condition. They are very much feared animals of the deserts, there is at least two sandwriter in all the deserts of Serpenterra. They are also known as Qilins for their hoofed feet and the horn on the forehead.

    It is a sandwriter's job to maintain the balance of the desert at all cost. They know the secret of the deserts, and knows how to use it. They know how to travel, even if everyone else gets lost. They use the sand to teleport to anywhere that has a beach, desert, or anywhere that has sand. They were even known to make minions out of sand if they so please, but that requires great strength in sand manipulation. As a camouflage, Sandwriters have desert brown and/or red colors. Some might even have white or yellow markings.

    When a baby sandwriter is born, it would be trained 'till they are ready to take the responsibility in taking care of the desert they were born on. If two were born at the same time, they would both compete to become the nest Sandwriter of the desert. These animals are usually born in cool caves, which would serve as their home unless they were challenged for territory. Usually you can find these dragons live in the deserts of Dryfoot and Eaglehead, Where they would protect it 'till they die. Now on to the measure of its volume and mass. Well, since they are are crippled, they should be heavy than normal but heavy enough for a human to get crushed. Their height should be less than 15 feet tall maximum. Carnivorous at heart, their guts are too small to be herbivores. Which would make any animal tremble at it's feet, for it will eat you if you irritate it.

    Common Colors: Desert brown, Red, Yellow Common Powers: Control over sand and everything of a desert

    Human powers.

    These are the only powers that humans are allowed to use. You can only have one. To obtain a power that is not listed here, then you must buy it via way of points.


    Humans who have an affinity for the earth are usually kind hearted and peaceful. They are soft, but gentle, and are known for being the ones easiest to get along with dragons, of any nature. The human affinity for earth can range from being able to make a flower grow, or manipulating the vines of a tree.


    Humans who have the affinity for air usually are just like it. One moment they can be nice and soft, and the next moment they are raging. Just like the strength of air, the power of it depends on the person. Sometimes the air can be simple enough to just blow a leaf, while at other times it can be strong enough to send someone flying.


    Humans who have an affinity for fire can be hot tempered and wild. Usually tan skinned and witty, they like to be who they are, and they don't care who you are. They don't get along well with others except for those who are like them, and they are usually the only ones that Nox's or Fury's actually won't harm.


    Humans who have an affinity for water are usually much like those who can control air, which is why the two get along the best. They can be happy one moment, angered the next. One thing that humans hate is ice, because since it is in a solid state it is harder to even deal with.

    Power Levels

    These "levels" pertain to all powers. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask the Admin, Sofiey.

    Level 1

    This is the weakest, the ones whose powers are not strong. They usually cannot control anything for even a second, but if determined, they will go a long way. Usually dragons stay at level one until they meet their teen-age years, and when they meet those years, it is then that their powers truly begin to develope, and if they wish to be stronger, then training comes in. This also applies to humans with their powers, too.

    Level 2

    Persons has minor control over their power, and can cause little harm. Peoples staying at this level and not moving higher up are usually those who do not need as much defense, and/or are away from danger often enough that they don't even bother to become stronger.

    Level 3

    Many only get to being a level three. They can cause some damage, depending on what they are doing, and based on their power they aren't a large target. Here, they have enough power to protect themselves, and enough power to move on in life. Once here, very few every strive to become stronger.

    Level 5

    This is the highest level that anyone can reach. Very few ever get here, and those that do usually get themselves into a lot of trouble. Whether that be with someone else because of how strong they are, or simply becoming cocky because of their strength. They have full control over their powers, and these persons usually end up being some of the strongest, most well known there is.

    If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to ask.

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