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    Post by eageleyes on Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:41 am

    Character Name:eageleyes white fang
    Character Age:150
    Character Gender:male
    Character Species:dragon- furry
    Character Power:fire and lava controlling the esencense of a volcano
    Character Desired Clan (dragons): *can be loner if undecided*
    *Character Personality:eageleyes is often just called eagel he despite being a furry is very cool often lying dormant like a volcano but if he do get him mad hell erupt and destroy anything that opposes him eagel has few friends since most avoid him because he scares them when he erupts but he is naturally a gentle soul he just looks for a place to belong to have a family and die defending his home ,eagel lives in a volcano but often leaves to go to new places in search of someone who give him the famly he wants.eageleyes father and mother died when he was jsut a hatchling he has had to make it on his own his whole life and know he wants to have hatchlings himself and is determined not to leave them like his parents did to him .
    *Character Appearance:has a rare color on his species black on his feet then his legs are orange fading to a yellow then to a red then to another rare collor for his species blue to give an over all effect of a flame

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    Post by . : S O F I E Y : . on Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:20 pm

    Application denied

    Sorry Eagel, but your application has been denied. Both of your character informations are shorter than the regulated length of 150 pixels. I advise you rewrite them, and to check your length HERE

    For where you have said your character is living, there is only one volcano on Serpenterra, and that is the Forbidden Isle, which is claimed by the Umbra Clan.

    The Furie's powers consist of fire and light (for the moment).

    Topic has been locked. Please feel free to reaudition by creating a new topic with your new audition form.

    Thank you.

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