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    Eudora Falen :: Human

    Eudora Falen :: Human Empty Eudora Falen :: Human

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    Character Name: Eudora Falen
    Character Age: 17
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Species: Human
    Character Power: Fire Affinity
    Character Desired Clan (dragons): *can be loner if undecided*
    *Character Personality:
    Eudora has been an interesting sort. Shy, yet sometimes outgoing. She is one to always feel as if she isn't perfect, but at the face of others she can act like quite the princess. Being who she is, she likes to try to do her best at anything she does, whatever that may be. She was always put down among the other people of the fire nation, where she lives, due to the fact that she hadn't any good capabilities for fire. She couldn't even sustain a fire for a few seconds... a fire that was already going even! Usually for most of the time she would stay home, doing the house work, and staying out of the way of the other people of the nation. She was always known to be a bit of an explorer, travelling elsewhere in the land of Serpenterra, somehow not bothered by the dragons. For a precaution of her own, she does carry a dagger in one of her boots, just in case, though she is well aware that she would probably be harmless to anyone else that would come at her, which doesn't really bother her. It is only times like these that her more outgoing side shows.
    Eudora is someone that has multiple personalities. One moment she could be a dare devil, the next moment she could be freaking out about something. She usually tries ton act tough on the outside, but sometimes that doesn't work out very well. It is only when her adrenaline is rushing that she actually seems to pull off being "tough". Inside, she is an actually down to earth girl just trying to figure herself out.
    *Character Appearance:
    Eudora has fire-red hair that goes down to about her mid torso. Once it reaches that spot it begins to curl at the edges, looking almost unnatural. Her eyes in comparison are a bright, emerald green. Reflecting this, she usually can be seen wearing green clothing which seems to look the best or fitting on her. If not green, then a simple black to go along with it. She stands at about a simple 5'6, and she weighs about 120 pounds. She tried to work out a bit so that she can do things better, considering that her affinity for fire isn't really there, she wants to still try to at least protect herself! She has pale skin, almost white. Because the fire nation is so hot, literally, she tries to stay indoors as much as she can, which accunts for the paleness of her skin. She is one to try to keep herself looking nicely all the time (something that is accountable for the reason some refer to her as acting like a princess). She is a simple looking girl, but sometimes simplicity can look quite nice!.

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