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    Aithne Shade; Human  Empty Aithne Shade; Human

    Post by DELANEY on Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:13 am

    Character Name: Aithne Shade
    Character Age: 17
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Species: Human
    Character Power: Fire Affinity
    Character Desired Clan (dragons): *can be loner if undecided*
    Character Personality: Aithne is a very complex person. You think you know her one minute, but she can turn around and do something totally unexpected. Like all those in the Fire Nation, she has a hot temper and can easily be provoked. She can't control her temper sometimes, just like you can't control a flame. Despite that her anger usually just blows over quickly. She isn't the type to hold grudges, and is the person that forgives easily, once she gets over her initial frustration. She is a bit of a loner, living on the outskirts of the Fire Nation, right on the cliffs beside the Silence River, her home looking out at Celestial Island and the Forbidden Isle.
    When she does go through the Fire Nation, usually passing through to hunt, she acts social and even occasionally flirts, but she still works alone. Some treat her like an outcast, but still respect her for her skill with her fire affinity. This makes her a bit shy, but she hides it well behind her wall. She is a cautious person, but can be naive at times. But this doesn't make her any less dangerous.
    Character Appearance:Aithne has long dark brown hair, that reaches about mid back and looks red in the sunlight. It appears wavy when she has it undone and not tied back with a red ribbon she always has on her, wrapped around her wrist. Her eyes are a bright blue, surrounded by long thick eyelashes that bring out her eyes even more, like her dark hair. Her skin like most in the Fire Nation is sun kissed, giving her a natural tanned look, but her's is lighter than most in the nation. Despite her favorite color being red, she can always be found wearing some type of ensemble that has blue in it to bring out her eyes, the clothing always form fitting and perfect. She is 5'5 with a bit of an athletic build, since she needs to have some muscle and speed on her if she wishes to hunt and eat. Being that she hunts for her own food, she always has this bit of a untamed look to her, giving her a bit of an exotic taste compared to the rest of the Fire Nation.

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