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    Sasha Crux; Human Empty Sasha Crux; Human

    Post by Shade on Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:00 pm

    Character Name: Sasha Crux
    Character Age: 18
    Character Gender: Male
    Character Species: Human
    Character Power: Air
    Character Desired Clan (dragons): *can be loner if undecided*
    *Character Personality: A lonely personality with a characterisation that borders on sociopathic and sadistic. The cruel eyes keep most people at bay just the way he likes it in order to avoid any interaction with other people. He loves to put people in awkward situations that make them nervous or scared in order to exploit weakness in others. The cruelty doesn't rule him though and unless he is the one causing it, he hates to see people in pain or suffering, whether it's mentally or physically. He holds an extreme fear of death as it's the only thing that can make him show sadness or tears. He only fears it when it's impending though and usually ignores any threat of death or dire situations. He's quick to snap and kill but if whomever angers him survives a blow he usually drops it and goes back to his normal calm demeanor like nothing happens.
    *Character Appearance: He has medium length black hair with bangs that cover his left eye and a scar that runs diagonally from the center of his forehead to his lower cheekbone. A large patch of hair that covers his eye is white from a trauma early in his childhood and his face always carries a blank expression that stares though you almost as if reading your deep into your soul. His skin is pale but not sickly so and matches his cold demeaner. His eyes are a dark choclate brown that look almost black and expressionless. He stands at 5' 8" but his movements are like that of the wind, graceful yet powerful despite his light build. His clothes are always in darker colors but he always wears a worn down leather jacket that has animal canines stitched onto the sleaves. He always wears fingerless gloves that cover burn scars on his palms.

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    Feel free to begin role playing, plotting, etc! If you have any further questions, feel free to shot me a PM! If you ever need to make any edits to your form or character, also send those to me, and we'll fix it up for ya asap!

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