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    Post by Shade on Sat Jul 14, 2012 3:43 am

    Sasha Crux, a hollow name, a name that conjures up bad memories for the owner of such a name and right now it's causing him even more trouble as lays under a tree minding his own business. The sorce of his troubles were coming from the kids that thought they were tough, though earlier they had been edging closer fearful of him but with his lack of responce to their jeers and jests they grew bold and grew harsher in their taunts to him.

    Though Sasha sees them as children they are maybe a year or two younger than him and alot less intelligent. Throwing the same jeers over and over again, unable to think of something remotely new, only repeating themselves. "why don't you leave before you get hurt." He says. Looking around with his right eye, watching their movements and counting them, three in total. His comment only seems to entice them though at the same time it angers them. Within a minute they leave and huddle together, just like small children, to come up with a plan to ambush him for his words against them.

    Sasha sighs and watches them as they come back, each with a fist sized rock. That's what he gets for being the oddball, the one who stands out, the orphan. They circle around the tree and on a count of three they lob the stones at him from different angles, hoping to hit him at least once. The rocks instead drop to the ground a foot away and break in half with a clean slice down the center. The boys begin to run away but they could barely notice the rocks as they were holding their bleeding foreheads where the air cut the skin on their head. Within another second the branches and leaves on the tree shred into pieces and fall to the ground. It's a dangerous ability that when going out of control can easily harm him as much as his enemies.

    After a minutes rest Sasha gets up and walks off towards the edge of the human territory where he's unwanted by the rest because of his violence and his past. He can easily hear shouts from the boys as they run to town for help, but the noise dies out as he gets closer to the boundary to the dragon territory. He's still a far ways off but the tree was close to the boundary, close enough to get away from the fearful humans that were both excited and scared of the cries of the dragons that were far off in the mountains. The people had a name for these far away cries that echoed in the night, they were called the Lonely Souls, cries for the fallen both human and dragon.

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