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    Post by Feuer on Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:12 pm

    Character Name: Feuer Eidechse
    Character Age: 42
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Species: Dragon - Fury
    Character Power: Light
    Character Desired Clan (dragons): loner

    *Character Personality: Having a strange upbringing, Feuer has a rather wicked and twisted mind. Using her speed and light abilities, she takes great pleasure in tormenting lost humans when she gets the chance. She is even known to raid a town and take a couple as toys for later if she is bored enough. To entertain herself with what she sees as walking sacs of water and meat with no other purpose, she will take the humans to a remote area, either in a deep area of the forest or mountains of Eaglehead, dropping them from a height that would be enough to injure or stun them, but not quite enough to kill. Sometimes if she feels the need, she will drop them several times if they are not injured enough – to her it is all fun and games. When she feels the person is in bad enough state, she will use her speed as a Fury and her light abilities to confuse them. She will make great flashes, often times using her own scales to intensify the light. When the human is confused enough, she will fly by fast enough that she is only seen as a quick flash. After a minute, she will stop in front of the human and flash another burst of light at them so they cannot see her lift them off the ground. At this point she will take the human high into the air, drop them, and then catch them just before hitting the ground. She will do this several times, each time getting higher and higher, before she eventually drops them from a height far beyond fatal, letting them hit the ground and die. She is also known for dropping the humans into the water far from shore, taking pleasure in watching them struggle to get back to the mainland, often times drowning before accomplishing this.

    When she is not tormenting humans, Feuer is usually in the forests of Eaglehead or within Eyecross Canon. Often times she prefers to be alone, as she has an abnormally short temper. The smallest things can set her off, from a dragon simply flying passed with a rider, to a dragon simply looking at her with a dirty look. She despises dragons that refuse to hold a proud disposition, especially when a human is around. Although she has a short temper, she prefers to avoid physical battles when possible, and would much rather fight with words. Because of this, she has a lot of energy she needs to let out. When she feels that she will explode if she doesn’t release this built up energy, she will fly high in the air and let out breaths of intense flames, usually aiming to burn holes into any clouds that are near her. Sometimes she may even use her fire to barbeque any birds she sees if she is also in need of a snack, even though she does not need to cook it to enjoy it. Because of this habit, however, she has learned to like any meat she eats to be at least slightly roasted.

    *Character Appearance:
    [Only admins are allowed to see this image]
    Feuer is an average sized dragon in terms of how thick her body is, but she is rather tall. Because of this, she often has trouble navigating through a forest when walking. This can make it difficult to hunt if she were to choose a forest to hunt in, as the prey would hear her coming quickly. Her legs are lean but strong, so she can leap into the air with a strong burst of speed. Although her wings are slightly smaller than average, they are strong. However, she can tire out easily, so her antics with the humans are usually not as long as she would like. In terms of the spikes that her dragon species possesses, hers are not as plentiful as others. They begin on the top of her head, slowly growing larger as they go down the back of her neck. They continue down her back, then slowly grow small again as they go down her tail, ending half way to the tip.

    For coloration, her body is mainly red, although she has jagged yellow stripes running from her back to half way down her sides. Said stripes are from around the second spike on her head down to her tail, stopping just shy of the last few spikes. Along with length, her spikes go from being a slightly darker shade of red at the top of her head to an orange along her back, then fading into yellow along her tail. She also has long, yellow horns on the top of her head. Teuer has a deep red coloring to the thicker scales along her throat and stomach, these scales being the same as the arms of her wings. The membranes are a lighter red, a shade lighter than her body. The tips of her wings are a bright yellow, along with a few stripes similar to those of a tiger that go from the arms down to the bottom of the membranes. This shade of yellow is also found at the tip of her tail, where she has a hardened membrane that is in similar shape to a blade. Her eyes are a light orange, and her pupils are deep black slits.

    *Note: I don't know if that is what the body of a Fury actually looks like, I just used the first dragon maker I could find that I liked.
    **Note: When the "no external link for 7 days" is over, I will add a link to where I made the image

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    Post by . : S O F I E Y : . on Sun Jul 15, 2012 6:39 am

    [center][color=cyan]Your character has been accepted!

    If you have any questions, feel free to just ask, you can go ahead and begin plotting and posting in the IC areas!

    (I'll have your name colored for loner and such when I wake up, since I am heading out for the night~)

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