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    Elder Scrolls Roleplaying - The Rise of the Fallen Empty Elder Scrolls Roleplaying - The Rise of the Fallen

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    It is the year 04E25. Tamriel is cast into turmoil with the end of
    The Dread War.  The Empire is leaderless and the Council desperately
    tries to save what is left. The sons of the now-deceased Emperor
    Alexander Reeve argue and plot amongst themselves. The Guilds all vie
    for power...  and the common citizens – the majority of the country –
    stand behind the Hero they love and respect; The Champion.

    It becomes crystal clear that someone must take control; lest Tamriel falls into the wrong hands...

    Which side will you choose?

    This text-based play-by-post Roleplaying Group
    is based off of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and it is set within
    Cyrodiil;  25 years after the Oblivion Crisis. Our plot is a mixture of
    canon-events and original ideas. We welcome beginners, intermediates and
    experts. There is no word count, but we appreciate good quality writing
    and our focus is primarily fixed on that.

    Knowledge of The
    Elder Scrolls and/or experience playing Oblivion is a major plus and
    adds to your roleplaying experience, but it is not required unless you
    intend to play a canon.

    We're a friendly, active community with lots of helpful members. You'll be settled in no time at all!.


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