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    the HAUTE Ton - Regency-era 1813


    the HAUTE Ton - Regency-era 1813 Empty the HAUTE Ton - Regency-era 1813

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    the HAUTE Ton
    The year is 1813, and the Prince Regent has only just began to make his mark as a ruler. The elite of the English aristocracy - the haute ton - are flooding the city, preparing to enter the marriage mart and enjoy the grand life of excess the Regency-era is quite known for. But there's a darker side of the Regency era - England is at war with both the Americas and the French, and troops are dying everyday. Animosity is rising against the Prince Regent and the Crown for their luxurious and care-free lifestyle while the working class are struggling to survive and sending their sons to die.

    But what do the haute ton care about all that? They're concentrating on the more amiable aspects of life, whiling their hours away at parties, social events, and attempts to ascend the ranks of the rich. As friends and enemies reunite for another season of mystery, intrigue, and, of course, deceit, join us as we rewrite history, forge useful family connections, and prove to the world that no other court is better than that of the English.

    After all, what could go wrong?

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