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    Dragon Actions & Anatomy ~~still editing Empty Dragon Actions & Anatomy ~~still editing

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    Dragon Actions & Anatomy

    Here is listed all of how dragons act toward one another in different situations. If you are wondering something, please feel free to send a PM to the admin with any questions or concerns you may be currently having.


    "Duels" which are also known as spars or fights, can happen for a number of reasons. Whether that be for terrtitory, food, or even a mate. Duels can sometimes be called out for pure fun by some dragon species who would normally do something like that (i.e. Nox's, Furies).

    Weak spots ~ Anatomy

    There are few known weak spots on a dragon, since their scales usually suffice for keeping them safe. Those weak spots, however, can be found in the "arm pits", where the scales are less prominent. Other places that are "weaker" would be right beneath the mouth, under the head. Some places that are usually guarded would be between the wings, or behind the ears, since those places are more tender. The joints of all four legs are also spots of attack.

    Dragon & Human Interaction

    Humans and dragons can get along, just depending upon whether or not the dragon wants it to happen, or if the human wants it to happen, too. Most dragons remain intimaditng to huamsn, which is the reason that dragons and humans do not often "duel". Sometimes humans can get the chance to become dragon "riders", though this is not often the case, since many dragons try to stay away from humans. Despite their differences, dragons and humans have an odd way of being able to understand each other, humans "hearing" the dragons speech in their thoughts.

    Size & Riders ~ Anatomy

    Dragons are quite large in comparison to humans, and depending on their age dragons can range from being equal height to a human (1-5 years old), to being staggering taller than them by almost 5-8 times (15-end of life). For their life span, dragons can live to be hundreds of years old, depending on whether or not they were well taken care of. If a dragon does allow a human to become it's "rider", they usually sit somewhere between the wings and neck, where the spikes aren't prominent.

    Dragon - Dragon Interaction

    Dragons are usually very social creatures, despite people thinking that they are overly aggressive (which they aren't, depending on their breed and personality). Dragons can act different around different breeds, and around different genders. For example, if a Nox and Caelum were to be around one another, it probably wouldn't be very kind words or kind actions, since they are quite the opposite. Maybe if a Nox or Fury interacted, it could be more friendly. It all depends on the dragon itself, really.

    Dragon - Higher Rank ~ submission

    Like many other animals, there is usually boundaries between the "ranks" of dragons. For a lower rank to display submission to a higher rank, they will usually keep their head lower than the higher rank, and keep their tail on the ground (if they are on the ground). Their wings are usually against themselves, making them appear "smaller" to the higher ranking dragon.

    High rank - dragon ~ dominance

    When a dragon tries to show it is higher than another, it does just that. It will stand as high as it can, usually displaying the full length of it's body, instead of making itself appear smaller, it makes itself appear larger. They have been seen to have their wings extended upwards, showing them, which also helps in making them larger. When one tries to show dominance over them, sometimes it has been witnessed that they get up on their back legs to try to loo larger.

    Dragon - opposite ~ mating

    Male dragons when mating are usually flirtatious, and try to win over the female dragon. Usually females only react to males that are showing the signs of wanting a mate. Male dragons often try to curl their tails with the female dragon, or rub their wings against the female dragons scales. A mated dragon usually develops a ring of lighter/darker scales around their neck.

    Dragon Aging and General Anatomy

    Dragons can live to be quite an old age, if they do not die from other causes. Most dragons live to be 300, give or take away a few years.

    Young Dragons (0-20 years)

    Dragons can be considered almost child-like until they reach about the age of twenty.

    "Teenage" / Young Adult Dragons (21-50)

    When dragons go through a teenage phase, learning and growing to become their full size, it is usually between the years of being twenty one to fifty. Some age faster, depending on who they are.
    In the twenties, they are more like preteens. Thirties, their young teens, and then fourties, their later teens.

    Young Adult / Adult Dragons (51-200)

    Dragons go through being a young adult until they reach the age of one hundred. This is when the aging process begins to slow down, and until they reach two hundred they aregoing through their normal adult phase.

    Elders (200-death,300)

    Dragons usually begin to deteriorate when they begin reaching somewhere in their two hundreds, depending upon what they have done in their life or how well they have taken care of themself. Once they reach three hundred, it gets to about the time that their death will be upon them, usually, that is.

    Dragons don't die of natural causes

    There have been some dragons to be seen to be thousands of years old. How? Dragons do not die by age, but by others killing them off, which is usually when they are beginning to get to their 300s. The thing is, if they can get past their 300s, it seems they begin to become "healthier" once again. Usuaully any older dragon that has surpassed the normal marking for death is a target. Usually only leader dragons of clans live to go past these ages.

    *you may buy elder dragon with points, but may not sign up with*

    Do you have some suggestions for the way dragons act, and how they are formed? Then feel free to message an admin with your suggestion!

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