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    Before You Audition. Empty Before You Audition.

    Post by ADMIN on Sun Jul 08, 2012 1:21 am

    Hello! So you think you're ready to get your character up and running? Well, you might be, but before you post up a topic for your character, be sure you have read all of the information here. All of the topics here are vital to the site. Trust me, we'll know if you didn't read the stuff there!

    You're ready now? Copy the form, and fill out all of the information appropriately. Please note that everything marked with a * must be at least 150 words, so that we can get to know your characters... word counter: here. Please feel free to go beyond that limit. If you did, that would be awesome. To audition, just make a new topic on this forum, the title of the topic being the name of your character. Yes, your characters must have a first and last name.

    Remember, you get two characters. Fill out a new topic separately for each character. You are allowed 1 dragon character and 1 human character. You may buy a 3rd character with points that you will earn via RP.

    Remember that any power not listed on the Dragon Breeds & Human Powers topic is not available without points.

    For appearance you may have a reference picture. If the picture was not created by you, please make sure you have the written permission to use (if copyrighted), since we want to respect all creators and artists!

    If you need an example of a correct character audition, look below at the first reply to this topic.

    If at any time you need to edit your character form, contact a Mod with the desired edits.


    [b]Character Name[/b]:
    [b]Character Age[/b]:
    [b]Character Gender[/b]:
    [b]Character Species[/b]:
    [b]Character Power[/b]:
    [b]Character Desired Clan (dragons)[/b]: *can be loner if undecided*
    *[b]Character Personality[/b]:
    *[b]Character Appearance[/b]:
    *[b]Character Bio[/b]: *optional*

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