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    Staff Members

    Just a simple list of all of the staff members here at Serpenterra. No, we are not currently accepting staff members. When we need more staff, you will know about it.

    Hi there, I am sofiey! One of the creators and founders
    of Serpenterra. I started the site with my best friend,
    Laney. Hopefully you'll love the site as much as we have
    have come to!<3
    Best way of contact: cbox or pm
    Hai! I'm Laney, a creator,
    founder and helper of Serpenterra. I worked with Sofiey
    to help get this up and going and I'm already loving this site so
    (Though of course she is the main genius;) )
    I hope you enjoy it as much as I already am! Bye <3
    Best way to contact; Cbox or pm
    Task: Dragon Creator
    I'm known as Risa in the Web, I was the first moderator
    and then became the third admin here in Serpenterra.
    I love dragons(that's obviously how this site lured me
    here), and I've been trying to help in making this site
    one of the very active and wonderful sites of the internet.
    My job mostly inlcudes dragons, coding, and art. and I hope
    that everyone will enjoy the site we made for ya ^^

    Contact: PM or Cbox(ya can't contact me by yahoo since I rarely use it)
    Hey, name's Allie. I've basically been a helper
    all by me onesy, doing the deeds and getting the job
    done! I have a passion for roleplaying and dragons,
    so the two mixed together is pretty much the definition
    of 'awesome'. Anyone that's willing to share the interest
    is counted as a super-special-awesome-person!
    Contact: Yahoo (a11i3c4t) or just give out a PM.

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