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    Post by WWS on Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:07 am

    Wild Wolf Society Imaginead
    home destroyed by a violent volcanic eruption, the Salvaje wolves were
    forced to move to a new location.  Their journey took them to the
    Seahawk Valley, a mountainous haven set on the far northwestern coast of
    Canada.  But their arrival in the lands did not go unnoticed by the
    native packs, and now they must all learn to coexist.  Will there be
    peace?  Or all-out war?

    The Wild Wolf Society prides itself
    on being one of the "original" wolf roleplaying games in the community.
     Established in early 2000, it is celebrating its twelfth year of
    continued activity and growth.  We are a member-focused community,
    constantly changing and evolving according to what our members want and
    looking for new ways to raise the bar for a high-quality, enjoyable wolf
    roleplaying experience.
    -- Anyone can make their own pack!
    -- Enjoy our monthly Write Like Crazy! contest.
    -- Returning In July 2012:  The original Energy Stones reward program!
    -- Become a part of the Seahawk Council and help us run the game!
    -- And much more...

    With ten packs and over two hundred active characters currently in the game, we promise there is a place for everyone here!

    JOIN US!

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