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    Post by Lyyr on Tue Jul 10, 2012 7:53 pm

    Character Name: Lyyr Trannyth
    Character Age: 23
    Character Gender: Male
    Character Species: Human
    Character Power: Earth
    Character Desired Clan (dragons): Human and thus not in a clan.
    *Character Personality: Lyyr is a kind-hearted and curious soul. His cheerful and light-hearted look at life have pulled him through some of the roughest times on the sea that a man can experience. As a sailor on his uncle's trading ship he has been all over the world. He often spent his time on the sea learning the ways of map making from the kind navigator and his time on land studying various plants and their properties. Lyyr always found that he was better at controlling plants with his powers than the actual soil and sought to sharpen that skill as much as possible. As, such he keeps a log of all the plants he has learned about as well as their properties and the environment they grow best in. He is kind to most everyone he meets and seeks to help them in any way possible. However, he is very naive and can easily be tricked. He is also cowardly in the face of creatures bigger than him and usually tries to flee rather than fight in any hostile situation. He has never met a dragon, though if he met one he would likely be frightened out of his wits. However, if the dragon is patient enough they may be able to gain his trust through being kind toward him. Lyyr has always wanted to be an adventurous explorer and wishes to become more courageous, as his fear often stands in the way.
    *Character Appearance: Lyyr is not a very large man. At 5'5" he is shorter than most men of his age by more than a head. His bulk is not much different and at 130 pounds he is a slight man. Still he is a fairly healthy and athletic individual and is a quick runner. His dirty blonde hair is usually long as he spends a lot of time at sea. His eyes are a light brown and shine with the sign of youth and naivety. He usually walks with his head held high and a bright smile on his normally stubbly face. His hands are rough from the hard working life of a sailor under his uncle. He is also tanned unevenly from long days of exposure to the sun. He usually wears the work clothes of a a sailor although he does sometimes change into more formal clothing when visiting a university to learn more about botany. He can sometimes be found writing down entries of his newly acquired knowledge into a leather-bound journal he always carries with him.
    *Character Bio: *optional*

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    Post by . : S O F I E Y : . on Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:44 pm

    Character accepted!
    Lyyr has been accepted! Feel free to begin plotting and posting in the IC forum!

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