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    Please be sure to read all of the rules, since they are what helps the site run smoothly.
    Thank you.

    OOC Rules

    o1. Respect~ You must hold respect for everyone on the site. Guests, members, and staff team. Give what you expect in return. Try to avoid things that are going to be the cause of conflict (i.e. religion, politics, etc). Just be smart. If something happens that you can't handle, feel free to contact an Admin or Mod.

    o2. Use some common sense.~ No spamming, we like our site. Sure, go ahead and post an off site link if you want, but don't just go to forums always posting that you want us to join your site. It's simple, folks. We are a PG-13 site. No sex, rape, drugs, etc. If your dragon breeds, just skip it. We know what happens. Violence is allowed, but just try to refrain from getting too demonic.

    o3. Keep it understandable.~ No use of chat-speak. This applies both OOC and IC. Common things like brb, lol, ttyl, are allowed. We want to at least have some correct grammar -- at least try.

    o4. Be you.~ This mainly applies for the cbox... Don't impersonate staff or any other member. It's rude, for one. And well, it's just simple. Don't impersonate.
    o5. Usernames~ Usernames are a simply thing. Admins and mods will have their usernames in all capital letters, so members, do not put your usernames in all caps (it will be modified if it is). You can also tell if someone is an admin or mod because it will be titled beneath their name. Also, their usernames will be "glowing". Everyone's username's are colored based on what clan they are in (or if they are a loner), or if they are auditioning.
    o6. Clear it up.~ Any topics that have been inactive for 2 weeks will be locked and moved to the appropriate forum archive section. If you would like a topic reopened and moved back to it's place on the forum, please PM a staff member and let us know where to move it to.

    IC Rules

    o1. God-modding, power playing, & mary-sues.~ If you think any of those are allowed here, you must be crazy. We are trying to make this as realistic as you can make humans and dragons (wow, maybe we're the crazy ones...). Everyone has flaws, no one is perfect. Sure, you're character can think they're perfect, but make sure you show that they aren't. When dueling, remember that you aren't going to avoid every hit. For further information on dueling, check the dueling topic.

    o2. Third person.~ This is a third person role play. You will be role playing in the third person here.

    o3. Multiple characters.~ When you first sign up you are allowed one dragon character and one human character. Staff members can have 3 characters. Later on, staff and normal members can buy one more character with points that they earn. Do not combine characters when role playing. Yes, you can have more than one of the characters you play in an RP, write one section for one character, another section for another.

    o4. Parrrty time!~ Be active. Only do what you can handle. If you know you can only handle 1 character, then only play one character.

    o5. Length~ We have no specific length set for how long your posts need to be, but try to make them as long as you can. No one-liners.

    o6. Hybrids & other creatures.~ No hybrids allowed. For the moment, only humans and dragons are allowed.

    o7. Dragon riders.~ This isn't a dragon rider role play. Yes, dragons can have riders if they dragon so chooses, though a lot of them aren't as tolerant of humans.

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