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    Affiliating and Advertising Rules


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    Affiliating and Advertising Rules Empty Affiliating and Advertising Rules

    Post by ADMIN on Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:12 pm

    Affiliating Rules

    You want to affiliate with Serpenterra? Awesome! We're glad to see that you've got some interest in us.

    Your forum/site should be animal related and/or mythical. We're a mythical site, we would like to have sites with us that have similar attributes as we do. If your site is not animal or mythical based, still feel free to post a request ~ we'll still look.
    Before you post up an affiliation request, have our button up on your site. We must be static, and it would be best if we were in the top row of your affiliates, if not first.
    Please remember, that we will be keeping in check with our affiliates. If it is seen that your site has become inactive (sorry 'bout that), then we do reserve the right to take you off of our affiliates.

    Simple, right? Well, here's our button...


    <a href="http://www.serpenterra.forumotion.com/"><img src="http://i46.tinypic.com/eojl3.png"></a>

    When signing up for affiliation please make a reply to this topic with the following information:


    [b]S I T E name :;~[/b]
    [b]S I T E link :;~[/b] [url=url here]clickclick[/url]
    [b]B U T T O N :;~[/b] [img]image link here[/img]
    [b]B U T T O N code :;~[/b][code]put your code here.[/code]
    [b]W H Y you wish to affiliate :;~[/b]
    [b]E X P L A I N your site a little :;~[/b] (just let us know what you're about...)
    Simple as that. Fill out that information, and just reply here.

    Advertising Rules

    The rules for advertising are simple. Please just make sure your site is appropriate, we don't want any sexual sites on here. Sorry, folks. Just give us a bit of information on your site, the link, etc. Make a new topic, and your topic will remain up for a month, but you may only bump your topic twice so use your bumps wisely.
    ~Link backs are included in the advertising section, just simply put "linking back" at the end of your topic name~
    ~We would appreciate it if your site had a spot for us to advertise, too, if you advertise here.~

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