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    ---Our dominance and power was taken from us. Strength and wisdom is no longer expected from us. We are trapped in the Shatten Garten, left to survive off of little. We do not have faith in any god, for gods have turned their faces from us. In time, the Blutig clan shall rise to our full capability and take to our true forms and rightful place in the world. On top.


    Time has told the world to turn their backs on us. We are no longer accepted as a dragon. We are no longer accepted as a true being. We are no longer accepted anywhere…

    But there was an era where time told the world we were to be the greatest dragon breed alive. We roamed the regions with power and majesty. Humans and dragons alike respected and trusted the U-Bahn. It was the Nox who decided to interfere with our destiny. They held jealousy in their hearts, and began to make war with the U-Bahn.

    Time passed, and the war was settling to a horrific end. We were losing ground, struggling to survive in a peaceful place without the haunting image of other dragons looking down upon us…it was the Nox who gave them such rotten ideas of us. They were filthy backstabbers, showing the other dragons that they were meant to be dominant. They were so stubborn and persistent they changed time’s mind, and we were cast aside.
    The funny thing about destiny is that if one does not choose such path, they are doomed to become the very description of filth. Since we could not fulfill this destiny, we were cast aside as trash. When the world turned its backs to us, we were left to dig underneath its skin and live as we are now…unknown. Dead.

    But with our stone hearts and the shadow of our past looming over us, we have grown stronger. We have taken out our claws and prepared to set time back in place. When the opportune moment surpasses, we shall rise, and we shall take back what is rightfully ours.

    Basic Information:

    Females: O l Males: 1

    CHIEFTAIN :: Krosis Yol | TASK :: Master of the Blutig and U-Bahns

    Current Events / Tasks

    The Blutigs are looking for those willing to join in the force against the surface dwellers. Those interested are to expect harsh training conditions and high death rate during basic training.

    Blutig Clan Rankings

    CHIEFTAIN :: The master of U-Bahn powers and over seer of all Shatten Garten. They are the only communication the U-Bahn have with the surface world.

    SCHAMANES :: Those perfected in the arts of vegetation and plant growth around Shatten Garten. They are expected to uphold healing and aid to dragons in need.

    PROTECTORS :: Dragons who have obtained warrior-like skills and contain small leading positions in the clan. They are highly respected because of their survival in the harsh training conditions they were put through.

    SEEKERS :: These dragons have grown to be the main providers in the clan. They take different jobs to collect herbs, edible vegetation, uncontaminated meat (which is extremely rare), or lone U-Bahn.

    TYROS :: Whether this dragon is newly born or newly introduced to the clan, their main rank is considered weak and they are not truly accepted into the clan yet. To best this rank, the fledgling or dragon must prove themselves by quickly finding a skill or life-path to follow.

    UNDERDOGS :: These clan members are rare in the Blutig, and if fitted with this title, very disrespected and looked down upon. Dragons of this nature are befitted as little help to the clan, and are worthless. Most Underdogs are sent out into the acid labyrinth to be killed, for the Blutig take no tolerance for weaker dragons. Note, however, that if an Underdog returns from the acid labyrinth alive, they are considered the most respected and are fit to become Protectors. There are ways out of this position if one chooses to follow a life-path.

    *AMOUR:: Female dragons that wish to serve their purpose as a ‘mother’. They pledge their life to giving fledglings every year or taking care of fledglings that are found or in need of care.

    *COUNCIL:: Dragons that have gained a heroic title may be invited by the Chieftain to partake in a council rank. This rank is for dragons that are deemed wise, heroic, or the best at their life-path.

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